Most people have seen the black and white images of x-rays, but not everyone really knows what they are.

X-rays pass radiation through objects, resulting in an image. Doctors use this to diagnose any problems before they are visible to the naked eye. It is especially important to dentists because x-rays let us see your teeth and the bone surrounding your teeth. Otherwise, many diseases would go unnoticed.

We are especially excited to be able to use digital x-rays in our practice. They are safer because they use up to ninety percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. We can also take better and more precise films. To do this, we use a small sensor to capture the image, sending it to our computer. We can even enhance the images so we can diagnose problems even earlier and more accurately.

Digital X-rays are just one more way that we can provide the highest quality dental care for our patients. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.