Periodontal TreatmentPeriodontal disease affects your gums and the bones in your mouth. However, research has shown that it affects more than just your mouth. It is also associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Periodontal disease starts as mild gingivitis. Routine cleanings keep the disease at bay. However, without treatment, bone loss can occur, and the disease can become periodontitis or periodontal disease.

Periodontitis requires more than just a dental cleaning. The afflicted mouth requires deep cleanings, which include root planing and scaling. We usually use a local anesthesia to help you tolerate the procedure. After the initial scaling and root planning, routine cleanings are required every three to four months for maintenance. If your periodontitis is really severe, we may refer you to a periodontist who specializes in the treatment of this disease.

Periodontitis is serious. Patients lose more teeth from this disease than they do from cavities.

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