denturesDentures are used to replace your missing teeth. They are removable and come in two forms. Partial dentures are used when you are missing only a few teeth while complete dentures replace all of your teeth.

Most of the partial dentures we make are flexible without metal to enhance comfort.

There are three types of complete dentures. Conventional complete dentures are made 8 to 12 weeks or more after teeth are extracted to allow the bone to heal. Dentures need to be replaced every few years due to bone loss. Immediate dentures are made after the back teeth are extracted and can be given to patients on the day the front teeth are removed, so the patient doesn’t have to go without front teeth. Immediate dentures will have to be relined as the bone and gums heal. Implant overdentures snap onto implants so they will not move around.

Complete and partial dentures are custom made so that they fit each patient perfectly, though we will have to make some adjustments to get them to fit just right.

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