Our team of dedicated dental health professionals are here to serve you. We combine extensive knowledge in the field of dentistry with a passion for helping people love their smiles. It is our goal to create a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your dental needs.


Beverly and Groveland Staff
From left to right (top row): Patty, Laurie, Heidi, Jim, Dr. Gregorians, Dr. Dawna Kowalski, Dr. Donald Kowalski, Dr. Dietrich, Nancy, Michelle, Tiffany, AnnMarie
From left to right (bottom row): Diane, Jaime, Cheri, Emily, Kim, Jean, Neta, Lisa

Groveland Staff
From left to right: AnnMarie, Laurie, Jim, Dr. Gregorians, Dr. Donald Kowalski, Michelle, Kim

From left to right: Jim, Nancy, AnnMarie, Emily, Kim, Jean

Front Desk Receptionists & Office Manager
From left to right: Laurie, Cheri, Diane, Office Manager Heidi, Jaime, Patty

From left to right: Michelle, Tiffany, Neta, Lisa