Our team of dedicated dental health professionals are here to serve you. We combine extensive knowledge in the field of dentistry with a passion for helping people love their smiles. It is our goal to create a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your dental needs.

Beverly Staff

Front Row Seated: Cassandra Tsoulas, Emily Myette Hope, Catherine Cabrera, Nancy Gaffney, Lynne Tranfaglia, Jaime Cross

Standing: Ann Marie Interrante, Sharon Purchase, Diana Montenero, Nichole Butzien, Krisztina Vagenas, Dr. Carolyn Dietrich, Michelle Hood, Dr. Donald Kowalski, Dr. Dawna Kowalski, Dr. Amer Avdagic, James Shinn, Annie Espinal, Anabela Zevallos Lopez, Jean Allen, Kim Bickford, Giuliana Morales, Becky DiPietro

Groveland Staff

From left to right: Krisztina Vagenas, Ann Marie Interrante, Nichole Butzien, Michelle Hood, Dr. Donald Kowalski, Dr. Amer Avdagic, James Shinn, Annie Espinal, Jean Allen, Kim Bickford


Front Row Seated: Ann Marie Interrante, Jean Allen, Lynne Tranfaglia
Back Row Standing: Krisztina Vagenas, Nancy Gaffney, Emily Myette Hope, Kim Bickford, Jim Shinn


Administrative Staff

Front Row: Cassandra Tsoulas, Becky DiPietro, Anabela Zevallos Lopez
Back Row: Jaime Cross, Giuliana Morales, Annie Espinal


Office Manager

Becky DiPietro

Catherine Cabrera

Michelle Hood

Nicole Butzien